Smells Luxury Candles & Melts

Smells Luxury Candles & Melts

Smells Luxury Candles & Melts

The state of great comfort and extravagant smells.

Scented Soy wax does not seem too extravagant until it is carefully customized:

Being hand-poured and Scented by Smells Luxury Candles & Melts, it is then indeed a Luxury.

Smells Luxury scented home decor and accessories.

100% Soy Candles, Wax Melts, and Room | Linen | Car Sprays. Unique, scented candles of several varieties specializing in 8 rich and comforting, and delicate scents.

Discover our new and custom 2022 soy blended collection in a variety of sprays sizes and styles.

Keep your home smelling fresh day and night with our amazing strong, clean, natural scented soy candles, wax melts, & our fine smelling room and linen sprays

Rose🌹, Suede👨, Banana Nut Bread🍌, Peppermint & Eucalyptus🌱,

Snickerdoodle🍪, Pure Sage🌿, Milan👶, Citrus Sandalwood🍊


✨100% Natural Soy Wax

✨Worldwide shipping $8 flat rate shipping all orders

Smells Luxury Candles & Melts offers premium home fragrance products, including:

 luxury candles, luxury wax melts, and luxury home fragrance mists.

Smells Luxury Candles & Melts

Luxury Wax Melts Defined

Just what is a luxury wax melt?

Luxury Wax Melts includes all 7 of our top fragrances due to their best-smelling offerings.

A luxury candle experience that fills your space with fragrance and light to create a meditative ambiance.

Our 6 cubed soy wax melts come in all 8 of our fragrances.

How do you burn wax melts with a burner? 

Simply take your wax melt and place one or more in your warmer. Then light your tea light or turn on your heat warmer if it is electric. When you are finished using them, you just turn off or remove the heat source and the wax will solidify until you are ready to use it again.

How do you burn wax melts without a burner? 

Warm a small bit of water in a medium-sized pot, and then place a smaller pot within the water and place your wax in the smaller pan. This is a great way to enjoy the aroma without a burner or warmer still.

Considering Luxury? Our luxury candles start with the finest of fragrances, a mix of high-quality wax, that comes bundled in exquisite packaging for a beautiful presentation.

Smells Luxury Candles & Melts seek out the most expensive, high-quality oils available

Some of the fragrances are very complex with retro scent names, such as Suede

You will find many “straight-forward” fragrances in Smells Luxury Candles & Melts

Consider Suede, The Retro “Black Suede” Mahagony Teakwood Scent

Suede is a nice, smooth, and masculine scent

 (Musky & smooth yet light and floral, combining the strength of leather with the softness of rose petals.)

SUEDE 16.5 oz Candle

SUEDE Fragrance description

Top Notes: Pink Peppercorn, Rose Water, Star Anise

Middle Notes: Exquisite Saffron, Soft Suede, Tuberose Petals

Base Notes: Rosewood, Velvet Musk, White Leather

Smells Luxury Candles brings out the sourcing of premium fragrances that creates balance in the quality of the final product. They are made with soy wax, and they are a very high-quality luxury candle brand.

Smells Luxury Candles & Melts

Luxury 7 oz Candles Defined

For a premium price, you will often have decorative jar candles and lids that look beautiful on the shelf while burning and can also be beautifully repurposed long after the candle is gone.

While the beauty of the candle is lovely, it’s the actual performance that makes this candle great.

Luxury candles often do have a slow, even burn.

They should not soot and should give fragrance throughout the life of the candle.

Some of the candles may have lighter scent throws.

Smells Luxury Candles & Melts

Luxury 16.5 oz Candles Defined

These luxurious candles are well-known for complex scents and last a super long time.

The candle jars are breathtaking, unique keepsakes and the performance is great

These candles are known for being humongous. The candle Jars are works of art and definite collectibles.

These candles are highly fragrant and last such a long time, it makes the purchase well worth it.

Luxury candles certainly have their places.

They offer a little bit of extra specialness to the hobby of candle burning that we have come to love.

Smells Luxury Candles & Melts

Luxury Room Car & Linen Sprays Defined

Our Luxury candle brands come in Room Sprays as well.

Some have more complex, delicate scents, while others outperform.

Smells Luxury Candles & Melts

Luxury Candle Accessories Defined

Smells Luxury Candles & Melts

Final Thoughts:

The quality of Smells luxury brands is top notch with a small array of fragrance choices, yet a much more personalized service.

Chelsey, Smells Luxury Candles & Melts

As you venture on your candle hunt, we encourage you to try out a few luxury candles and decide for yourself.

Smells Luxury Candles & Melts

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